macky's Competition Prayers for Sale!

(For more background on this, see this forum thread.)

Paypal or credit card!

For $1, I will pray that you or any competitor of your choosing will get easy permutations in one round (5 solves) of 3x3 speedsolve. Please enter the information in the following format: competitor name; competition name; round; favorite permutations. You can also buy a prayer for your favorite competitor!

Example prayer information: Shotaro Makisumi; Worlds 11; Quaterfinal; 5 PLL skips

I will pray on the last night (in my timezone) before the competition.

Buyer email
Prayer information
Amount $1.00

Click the button below to jump to the payment confirmation page. I prefer Paypal but can also accept credit card payments. I will send a confirmation to the email address you provide.

This is a prayer. I don't guarantee anything.