Negative Time Solving Contest 2005

Date: Sunday October 30, 2005
Scramble: L U2 L2 F U2 B' F2 U D' F2 R' U' D' F L U B' L2 U' D' R' L D' U' F2


3x3 Speedsolve

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Edouard "Doudou" ChambonFrance-59 minutes 44.33 secondsVery very hard to be concentrated. Now, I'll go and sleep !
2Timmie WongUSA-59 minutes 40.77 secondsphew...F2L on this one wasn't too shabby. Ended up using COLL, then a 3-edge permutation. 19.23 seconds. I'm happy with that. =)
3Jason BaumUSA-59 minutes 38.69 secondsI was a little nervous for this one. I really didn't want to pop, so I took it really easy on the F2L. I got my absolute worst PLL though (N perm), which didn't help the already slow solve. This was fun though, can't wait to do it again next year!
4Derrick ChanUSA-59 minutes 36.55 secondsThe red side of my cube is horrible! I think the spring broke.
5Casey PernsteinerUSA-59 minutes 36.14 secondsStarted the solve just after 1:59:56 and finished around 1:00:20
6Thomas Le RouxFrance-59 minutes 35.27 secondsFairly easy cross ^^, but horrible PLL :(
7Jason KovacicUSA-59 minutes 33.69 secondsn/a
8Craig BouchardUSA-59 minutes 26.35 secondsThis was fun...we shall try this again solve time was 33.65
9Newton ChanUSA-59 minutes 21.41 was very difficult to cube with only 5 hours of sleep the night before...
10Matt BychowskiUSA-59 minutes 20.66 secondsHad a slight problem stopping the timer after the solve, which tacked on about a second and a half. Decent solve for me though.
11Jeremy FleischmanUSA-59 minutes 11.54 secondsI slept until 12:00 after doing this! I feel so cool.

3x3 Blindfolded

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Tyson MaoUSA-57 minutes 32.92 secondsDone blindfolded at the Original Tommy's in Los Angeles. It's my last Negative Time Tommy's Run... these traditions at Caltech are ending for me one at a time.
2Leyan LoUSADNF (2:20.10)Three corners were oriented incorrectly.
2Shelley ChangUSADNF (4:10)Three edges cycled incorrectly. Done at Tommy's with the Caltech Cube Team.

3x3 with Feet

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Anders LarssonUSA-52 minutes 5.33 secondsWith feet. Started 2:55:00,00 and ended 2:02:54,67, using stackmat timer.