Negative Time Solving Contest 2007


R2 L D B D' F2 D' B' U B2 L2 R U2 D B F R' L F' L' D' U2 L F' D'

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This is the ONLY main Negative Time Solving Scramble for 2007. Do not use this scramble before the real attempt.

The following are additional 3x3 algorithms to be used only for 3x3 multi-blind. Decide on the number of cubes, n, to be attempted beforehand, and take the first n-1 from this list in addition to the main scramble above.
2. F' D B R L' F B' U2 D' R2 L F D R U2 B U2 B U2 F2 L' F2 B2 D U
3. D U' R' B R2 D2 B R L2 D2 U B' R D' B' L2 R2 F B2 D2 U R D' F2 U2
4. R' B' R' U L B' L D' B' D' L' F L U' D' R' U F U D' B L' D' F' U2
5. D' R U R D U' F B2 D2 U B' R D R' U R2 D F2 D2 R F2 D2 F D' R2
6. L' R D2 L D R2 L B' F L U2 D L B2 F' D' R2 F2 B' U' D' F U2 L2 R2
7. F' B U' B' L U2 R' L F B D B2 U L' F' U2 L' R2 B' D2 B2 R L2 B2 L2
8. R2 B U R2 L D' L2 B L2 U R' B L2 D L2 R' D R2 F D2 B' R' L F' R
9. B2 F' R U' R U' F U2 D B D B D L F' L U D2 L B2 U2 B2 L2 F' U2
10. D' U' R L D' L2 F U F' B2 R2 B L' D F' D2 F2 L B' F2 R' L' D2 U L2
11. L' R' U L D L' R' D' U' F2 D' U' F' R' U2 F' B2 R' L B' D2 U' L2 R' B2
12. L2 U L F' R2 L B2 L2 R2 U2 R F' B' U F2 B' L R B R' F B U B2 R
13. F R U2 R2 U B' U B2 R L' F U2 R2 B' U' L F' L2 R2 U F2 D' B' D B2
14. B' L2 U' D2 R U D2 L' U' L F R2 L' U' B2 L2 D U' B2 D U F L' B2 D2
15. U2 F2 B R' D2 L2 R' B2 R' B2 R' D' R2 D B L R' B' U2 L' B2 R2 F2 R L'
16. B' U F2 U L D U R' U B F U' D' B F2 D B2 D2 L' D L D2 L2 R D
17. U' R' U F' B' U R F' L2 U' R D' U L' U2 F D2 B' L B2 F L2 R2 F2 D
18. L' R' F2 B2 D' B U F D' F' D B' F D' L' D F' L' D2 B2 U B2 F' R' D
19. R' B2 F' R2 L D' B2 R L B2 F' D2 R L' F R2 F U2 R2 U R F U L2 B
20. F2 U' R' F2 R L2 B R2 U2 D' B2 F2 L U2 B' L2 D' B' U B D' L B' U2 B2
21. F D F2 U2 L B' D' U2 L D2 R L2 B2 R' F R' B' R' L2 U F D' B F'
22. B' F' L U' B2 F R' B' L2 R2 F' R' D' B' U R D' B' R B L U' R' D'
Okay, that's gotta be enough.


There were 39 participants representing 7 countries. Of these, 2 were from Europe and the rest were from North America.

3x3 Speedsolve

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Harris ChanCanada-59 minutes 50.25 secondsWow, didn't know how I managed that. I preserved the c/e pair and zero rotation solve after the cross. Sune OLL and F perm.
2Stefan HuberAustria-59 minutes 46.49 secondsI'm tired... and proud of my solve...
3Dan DzoanUSA-59 minutes 44.91 secondsdrinking makes your time slower...
4Joseph GibneyUSA-59 minutes 44.58 secondsDecent solve, easy X-cross. I used 3 look last layer.
5Anthony HsuUSA-59 minutes 43.72 seconds1st attempt of my life! What an exhilarating experience! While solving, I was thinking about all the other EST cubers that might be solving their cubes at the same time as me!
6Kris de AsisCanada-59 minutes 42.47 secondsA pretty good time for me given how sleepy I was.
7Isaac WappesUSA-59 minutes 41.59 secondsGood F2L, one of the two OLLs I DON't know, and a G-perm. I was so tired so I'm just glad it was sub 20.
8Timm[ie] WongUSA-59 minutes 41.55 seconds(Actual solve time 18.45 seconds) Not bad, not bad at all. I almost forgot about this and was furiously practicing the day before to get back into things. Last year I didn't make sub-20 so I'm happy to achieve that breakpoint this time around. whoo! Got the whole thing on tape, too =)
9Vincent SheuUSA-59 minutes 41.02 seconds
10Lucas GarronGermany (in USA)-59 minutes 40.61 secondsDecent; got it on film.
11Solomon WangUSA-59 minutes 40.58 seconds
12Ryan ZhengUSA-59 minutes 40.07 secondsi dont damn things
13Jeremy FleischmanUSA-59 minutes 40.07 secondsdamn darren for not being here and doing this (for sleeping / doing anything)
14Sunil PedapudiUSA-59 minutes 38.57 seconds
15Michael GottliebUSA-59 minutes 37.32 secondsMessed up an F2L pair. Better luck next year :)
16Ambie ValdesUSA-59 minutes 37.32 seconds
17Alex MasonUSA-59 minutes 37 secondsaww man i messed up on the cross...oh well
18Raku WatariUSA-59 minutes 36.46 seconds
19William FuCanada-59 minutes 35.05 secondsPretty fun.
20Brian LeUSA-59 minutes 32.94 secondsVery horrible time. Messed up cross thats why...
21Jeff ChiuUSA-59 minutes 32.10 secondsdamn (dan and) jack daniels
22Andrew NelsonUSA-59 minutes 31.86 secondsStarted memo of my blindfold cube (memorized one CO) then quickly speedsolved this, then went back to a (roughly) 3 minute BLD solve.
23Devin Corr-RobinettUSA-59 minutes 31.54 secondsyeah i should have printed out the scramble rather than have done the scramble, hide the cube, and sit there on a bed for 2 hours so i could have at least been warmed up. ohh well next year i will be at my own house doing it so it will be better
24Felix LeeUSA-59 minutes 30.13 seconds
25David JiangUSA-59 minutes 29.19 secondsdamn all these drunk people
26Jordan ChenUSA-59 minutes 29 secondsHalf blind; I took out my contacts before because eyes were dry.
27Auston SterlingUSA-59 minutes 28.84 secondsSo tired... That's a long time to stay awake...
28Joseph SpadaforaUSA-59 minutes 24 secondsI haven't solved in months....I used to average sub-20.....blech.
29Stephanie ChowUSA-59 minutes 22.88 secondsdamn smirnoff vodka
30Connie ChenUSA-59 minutes 17.94 secondsdamn stephanie's mixed drinks
31Chris FergusonUSA-59 minutes 12 seconds
32Daniel WhiteUK-59 minutes 5 seconds
33Howard LeungCanada-59 minutes 00 secondsyep exactly 1 minute, i got slow, but then got a T at the end so it made up for the slowness.
34Wuqiong FanChina (in USA)- 58 minutes 48 secondsI live in Maryland, United States. I did this on Computer simulator, not actual cube, so it was half speed.
35Jason DingCanada-58 minutes 50.08 seconds
36Elton KongUSA-58 minutes 29.38 secondsdamn you alex smith
37Jackson WilliamsUSA-57 minutes 35 seconds
N/AChuck NorrisEnforced Democracy of Chuck Norris-60 minutes 1 secondsTake that, 24 hour Jack Bauer

3x3 Blindfolded

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Leyan LoUSA-57 minutes 52.41 secondsI was outside for 8 hours in the freezing cold for an orchestra film shoot. I'm glad I was able to complete a BLD successfully this year.
2Shotaro MakisumiJapan-57 minutes 01.59 secondsMy first negative blindfold attempt. The memorization was easy, but I was so nervous and so the execution took really long.
3Andrew NelsonUSA-56 minutes 23.42 secondsWooo negative time
-Lucas GarronGermany (in USA)DNFBy the blindfold of Mátyás Kuti! I forgot to start memo before the time change! Then I made some weird corner errors...

4x4 Blindfolded

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
-Lucas GarronGermany (in USA)DNFOff by an r2 (how?) and two centers.


PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Michael GottliebUSA-57 minutes 28.99 secondsPretty good 5x5x5 time considering I did the 3x3x3 during it. I have a video.