Negative Time Solving Contest 2008


U' F2 L' D2 L F' D2 R' U' B2 R U2 B2 L U2 F2 R D2 L U2 L2

(Generated by Cube Explorer...true random scramble!)

This is the ONLY main Negative Time Solving Scramble for 2008. Do not use this scramble before the real attempt.

The following are additional 3x3 algorithms to be used only for 3x3 multi-blind. Decide on the number of cubes, n, to be attempted beforehand, and take the first n-1 from this list in addition to the main scramble above.

  • R B L F2 L' F' L U D' F' L' U D2 R2 D' L2 F2 R2 F2 D' L2
  • U' L2 U' L2 U' L' F B D' F' R2 U2 R B2 L' F2 B2 U2 L' U2
  • L D B U2 L2 D R' B R2 F2 D' F2 L B2 L'B2 L2 D2 L' B2 L2
  • U R' B2 D2 F U' F2 D F' R' F2 R' U2 F2 U2 L F2 L D2
  • F B2 U' D R B R B2 U2 L U F' R2 F D2 B2 R2 U2 F' D2 R2
  • F2 D' B L B2 U' F2 L2 F' D2 L2 F2 U B2 U' L2 U R2 L2 F2 D2
  • R' B R F' R' L' U' D L D2 L' B U B2 U L2 D B2 D2 B2 D
  • B' L D' R B' R' F2 L F U R' D2 R L' U2 R F2 U2 D2 F2 R'
  • U' R2 F2 U' B' U2 F R D' B' R2 U2 F2 B2 L U2 L B2 L' D2 F2
  • L U' R B2 L U2 B U' D' F' U F R2 D2 B' D2 L2 F2 U2 D2
  • U D R D' B2 D' B2 L B U' F' R' F2 L F2 R B2 R' L B2 R'
  • F R2 D2 F' L D L2 U' R2 B R F2 U2 L2 F R2 B D2 B2 U2 B2
  • U' L' F' L2 U' D2 F2 B2 L B' U' R2 D2 F2 L2 B U2 F' U2 B2 D2
  • U D' L' F U R B R2 B' D' R B2 R' F2 U2 D2 L' D2 L' B2
  • R B2 R D' F' R' D R2 B' L F2 L2 F' B' D2 L2 D2 B L2 D2 F
  • R U F L2 B2 U D2 F2 L' D2 F D2 F2 U2 B2 R' U2 L' F2 B2 L2
  • B R2 B2 U' F U B2 D F R2 D2 R' B2 U2 R D2 R B2 L' B2 L2
  • yU2 D L' B U' L' D2 L' U R2 B2 D2 L F2 U2 R2 D2 B2 L F2 B2
  • F R' F' L' U F B R2 D R2 D2 F D2 B2 R2 D2 F2 L2 B' R2
4x4 Scrambles
  • b d2 B2 F' d2 L2 U' D2 f F' L' R2 u B l B L' F2 u d b2 u2 f' F' l2 u2 U' r' l' U' b r D' L' U2 f2 d U b D2
  • R' L' U l2 u2 F2 l2 B' l2 R' u d B2 L2 u' B2 f2 l2 L F2 u2 U R2 U B2 L b2 B2 D' f F2 d2 L2 U' l F2 u2 F f U
  • l2 d' F' f2 u2 R L b f2 U f B2 d2 U' L d2 L l2 u' R2 l F2 L f' F' D2 F2 u' L f' D b r R' D2 R' u2 B' u R
5x5 Scrarmble:
  • U f r' B U B' d' F' L' f2 B' L f d' l B' l R' d2 r' b u' D' b D' f F2 R f u2 d2 B L b2 R' b2 F l' d' f2 b U' B' R' F' U2 R r2 D2 u2 L' f' l' b L2 U2 r2 D2 b u

You can scramble other puzzles on your own.


There were 45 participants representing 6 countries (plus Smerbia). Of these, 2 participated in Europe and the rest were from North America.

3x3 Speedsolve

NameCountryNegative TimeComment
Jason BaumUSA-59 minutes, 49.43 secondsI did ZBF2L and ended with this ZBLL case: F R U' R' U' R U' L U' R' U L' U2 F'
Jun Hyuk KimUSA-59 minutes, 48.20 secondsahaha, that was fun, but i got in trouble by my parents :S
Stefan HuberAustria-59 minutes, 46.91 secondsnot really good (bad PLL recognition), but better than last year ;)
Patrick JamesonUSA-59 minutes, 46.62 seconds
Joseph GibneyUSA-59 minutes, 45.59 secondsBad solve. Almost missed this!
Darren KwongUSA-59 minutes, 45.48 secondsI can't pee straight!
Shotaro MakisumiJapan (in USA)-59 minutes, 45.31 secondsOut of practice, but so much fun!
Andy TsaoUSA-59 minutes, 45.26 secondsnot good
Michael GottliebUSA-59 minutes, 45.14 secondsYeah, sub--59:45! It was pretty cool to look back at the clock after this and see a time almost an hour earlier.
Lebillie WuUSA-59 minutes, 45.1 secondsStephanie's apartment is the best!
Jim MertensUSA-59 minutes, 44.99 secondsCool. Maybe 5 seconds faster than last year?
Jeremy FleischmanUSA-59 minutes, 44.98 secondsI can't see straight!
David WonerUSA-59 minutes, 43.94 secondsScrambled white on top, green on front. this was an easy scramble with yellow cross, Good C-OLL plus ccw U-perm.
Lucas GarronGermany (in USA)-59 minutes, 44.13 secondsCold hands (despite an hour of warmup), cross on top, bad F2L cases, bad recognition delays, G-perm with wrong handedness... at least it could have been worse. Video
KevinKUSA-59 minutes, 42 seconds33 sec., a slow time.
Michael YoungUSA-59 minutes, 41.06 secondsI just can't solve in the morning
Timm[ie] WongUSA-59 minutes, 41.90 secondsactual solve time of 18.10, beats last year's time by 0.35 seconds...yay~ The F2L wasn't that great (my execution was fine, but the cases just weren't that nice), but I made up for it by getting a really easy OLL case, and a pretty nice PLL case as well.
Justin AdsuaraUSA-59 minutes, 41.7 secondsI haven't practiced in months, :( kthxbai
Shelley ChangUSA-59 minutes, 41.41 seconds
Patrick KellyUSA-59 minutes, 40.95 seconds
Raku WatariUSA-59 minutes, 41 secondsI did not think that I would be this tired... it could have been a lot better.
Devin Corr-RobinettUSA-59 minutes, 40.92 secondsi suck
Guillain PotronFrance (in USA)-59 minutes, 40.6 secondsI was half sleeping at 3AM, so it explains the bad time :p
Ambie ValdésUSA-59 minutes, 40.19 secondsTake that, Mitch!
Huy NguyenUSA-59 minutes, 40.05 secondsThat was an easy scramble. =D I enjoyed this contest!
Kaoru MaedaJapan (in Germany)- 59 minutes, 38.80 secondsI'm a Japanese who live in Germany.
Start: 2008/10/26 02:59:52.421
Finish: 2008/10/26 02:00:13.625
Ben ZollerUSA-59 minutes, 38.75 secondsVery cool concept.
Nick YoungUSA-59 minutes, 38.17 secondsCan't cube straight...need diagonals on my 3x3
Alexei GousevUSA-59 minutes, 38.04 seconds
Vincent SheuUSA-59 minutes, 36.75 secondsConnie: Connie's apartment is the best!
Stephanie; No, Stephanie's apartment is the best!
Me: Both your apartments' lighting screws me up.
Felix LeeUSA-59 minutes, 36 secondsbad :P
Daniel ChanUSA-59 minutes, 34.56 secondsI sort of panicked and messed up a few times during the solve. This probably would have been better had I not done so. Oh well, happy negative time solving, everyone!
Stephanie ChowUSA-59 minutes, 33.06 secondsMy vasopressin is being inhibited!
Kevin JorgensenUSA-59 minutes, 31.95 seconds
Shafiq MohammedUSA-59 minutes, 32 secondspretty bad solve...well, I did have to keep it quiet so I don\'t wake my parents up. Anyways I am glad I could take part in it this year!
William ChenUSA-59 minutes, 28.76 seconds
Connie ChenUSA-59 minutes, 29 secondsthis sucked. can't think straight...
Shari KuroyamaUSA-59 minutes, 20 seconds
Ummon KarpeUSA-59 minutes, 16.17 seconds
Henry FungCanada-59 minutes, 15.21 seconds
Tim BlackUSA-21 minutes, 51 secondsSame time as Negative Time Tommy's.
Dan DzoanUSA+15.26 secondsi probably should have done this last night...

3x3 Blindfolded

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Shelley ChangUSA-57 minutes, 57.66 seconds
2Felix LeeUSA-54 minutes, 53 secondsSuccessful! :D
3Lucas GarronGermany (in US)DNFThe cube got misoriented after CO (bad regrip), so I have no idea how close I should have been...

3x3 MultiBLD

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeResultComment
1Mike HugheyUSA-12 minutes, 46.12 seconds4/72 cubes off by 3 edges, one off by 2 edges and 2 corners.

4x4 Speedsolve

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
-David WonerUSA+1 minute, 14.22 secondsthe second scramble. PLL parity. pretty good.

7x7 Speedsolve

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Michael GottliebUSA-54 minutes, 18.78 secondsNot bad. I just HAD to do this in celebration of having a real-life 7x7x7! Yeah V-cubes!
2Henry FungCanada-37 minutes, 57.20 secondsStarted before and finished after solving 3x3x3.
B2 U22 B F2' L32 F3 D2' D3 B2 D32 L2 B2' L L32 R2' R' F R' D U32 U22 F2 D3 U3' U2 F2 L2' U2 B3' F32 L2 R3 B2 U2 F3' F2 L2 B B22 B32 F3 F22 F' R32 R2 F22 U2' F32 F2' F2 L2 B2 F2 R3 R2 R2 D3 U22 L2 R2 D2 U' L22 U2 U2 B3' R3 D32 L L32 B2 F3 L2' R2 B3' L22 U3 U2 R' B2' L2 D2 D3' U22 F D3' L3' D2 D2' D3' U3 U2 U R22 R D32 R2 B2' F3' L22; single-slice

Square-1 Mean of 3

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Andrew NelsonSmerbia-59 minutes, 14.52 seconds3 cubes, all started before the timechange. Looking at seconds and rounding up, times were 18.99, 41.99, and 1:15.47.


PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Hadley SheffieldUSA-55 minutes, 31 secondsI actually forgot until right before. My megaminx was scrambled, so I just went for that. I started at 1:55.29, and finished exactly at 1am. Kinda cool.

Rubik's Clock

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
-David WonerUSA+9.88 secondsjust wanted a sub-10.