Negative Time Solving Contest 2010


R F L' D F' R B' D' F2 L B D2 F2 B U2 L2 F R' F' B R2 D L F U2

This is the ONLY main Negative Time Solving Scramble for 2010. Do not use this scramble before the real attempt.

The following are additional 3x3 algorithms to be used only for 3x3 multi-blind. Decide on the number of cubes, n, to be attempted beforehand, and take the first n-1 from this list in addition to the main scramble above.

  • U2 R L B2 U' D2 L' F R' F' L B' U' F' L' R' B2 R2 U D R' U2 R U2 L'
  • U' D2 L2 F2 L' B R' B' D L' U2 F2 D' B' U D' R2 F' L U B L U L B'
  • B2 L D' L2 B2 F2 R L' U D' F2 D2 F' D' F2 B R' U' B2 D2 B2 U2 L B' F2
  • F' L F' B U2 R2 F' L' B' L U' R D F' U R' F B2 D' R' L2 B2 U L' B'
  • F2 B' R' F D2 U2 L U' L D2 U' R' B' L' U R2 F' B' R2 D2 U2 L2 B' L U
  • L2 R' D R' L D2 F' L2 R2 B R2 F' L' F2 L2 U' R B2 R' B' D2 U2 F U B2
  • B' U2 L' U2 R2 U2 R F D' L2 B R L2 U' B2 F' R2 F' D U' R' U2 L2 U L
  • L2 F' U2 R2 F' B R2 U' B' L' F2 B' R' F B' R2 F B L2 R2 U' L2 R F' B'
  • U' B' F' R' L' U' B' L2 B' U B L' D' R2 U2 B F L' D' B' L F2 L' B' R'
  • D2 U R U' D F' R' F2 B' U R F' B2 D U2 F2 D L2 U B' L2 B2 F2 D2 B2
  • L U B' F' D2 L2 U2 B2 L F' L B2 L2 B R' U2 B2 D' U' B2 F' L' R2 D2 F2
  • B2 U' R2 D2 U R B R2 B2 R2 F L' R' B2 D2 B2 D' B L' F L2 D' B' U2 F'
  • F' R D R2 U2 F2 D' F B' L D' R D2 L F B2 L R2 F L' B2 R U' L2 F2
  • R D2 U' B2 U' B D R2 U' D F U R2 D2 L D R' F B' L B2 F U' D F2
  • R2 F2 L2 B2 R2 L' D F' L' U F' R' F2 B2 L' F' R B' R' F L U F2 R2 D2
2x2 Scramble
  • F' R F2 U' F R U2 R' F2
4x4 Scramble
  • d2 r' D' F2 l f U2 l2 D' f U r' f2 d f2 D d u2 R' f2 r2 d' l2 L' b' L u2 l b' R' L' D2 L d U2 D' b2 R2 F b2
5x5 Scrarmble
  • f2 b B2 r L2 d' r' L2 d' l D2 b d' u R2 B' U' F' f2 d r' D2 f' R' L F' u U B L' B u' f u U' F d F' D' L2 u2 l' b B2 D' l u2 R' U2 R F' R r2 B U2 L2 d' U2 l' L

You can scramble other puzzles on your own.


There were 39 participants representing 4 countries. Of these, 2 participated in Europe (Lucas Garron competing from the right continent! *gasp*) and the rest were from North America.

3x3 Speedsolve

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Andy TsaoUSA-59 minutes, 50.34 seconds
2Jules ManalangUSA-59 minutes, 49.83 secondsI saw the scramble and I lol'd at how easy it was for Roux. Epic Corners...Epic LSE. Could've been better.
3Harris ChanCanada-59 minutes, 49.49 secondsI'm tired. Interesting number though, haha.
4Vincent SheuUSA-59 minutes, 48.19 secondsYellow cross, PLL skip.
Start with White top, Red front.
Cross: U' R' L F U L2 D2 U' F
Pair: y U2 L U2 L' U' L U L'
Pair: U' R U' R' U R' U' R
Pair: U' (L' U' L U)*2 L' U' L
Pair: R U' R B' R' B R'
OLL: U' L2 D' L U2 L' D L U2 L
5Stefan PedrazzaUSA-59 minutes, 47.71 secondsWaited up till 2 am
6Ronnel DatlagUSA-59 minutes, 47.56 seconds
7Not KevinUSA-59 minutes, 45.38 secondsso much fail ugh I want a good 3x3
8Anthony HsuUSA-59 minutes, 44.01 secondsFirst sub-16! Beat my record from last year, which was 16.xx.
9Devin Corr-RobinettUSA-59 minutes, 43.5 secondswhoops
10Stachu KorickUSA-59 minutes, 43.31 secondsI'm rather tired.
Good night.
11Felix LeeUSA-59 minutes, 43.10 secondsI got really nervous and failed.
12Lennon GrintaUSA-59 minutes, 43.1 secondsWorse than usual, but it's all good.
13Jeremy FleischmanUSA-59 minutes, 42.60 secondsHappy birthday Lars!
14GomesVSA-59 minutes, 42.47 secondsSolved with the Petrus method. Happy annual birthday, Lars!
15Connie ChenUSA-59 minutes, 41 secondsnot intoxicated this time but I am rly rly tired.
16Arthur AdamsUSA-59 minutes, 40 secondsYuck. Oh well, still my best time.
17Lucas GarronGermany-59 minutes, 39.95 secondsVisiting Lorenzo in Italy. :-)
(Also, we didn't have a clock with seconds out, so I barely managed to start on time. Was too nervous about BLD, too.)
18Vidar KlungreNorway-59 minutes, 39 seconds
19Kevin KapinosUSA-59 minutes, 35 secondsActual time: 25 seconds, which is a terrible solve, but it's what would be 2 AM, and I had a competition today.
20Chris TandionoUSA-59 minutes, 34 secondsMy first ever negative time solve!
21Austin KwanUSA-59 minutes, 30 seconds
22ZackUSA-59 minutes, 27 secondsThis is awesome
23Daniel LoUSA-59 minutes, 26 secondsNow if only I could get me some Tommy's
24Garrett PetersonUSA-59 minutes, 24 seconds
25Shari KuroyamaUSA-59 minutes, 23 seconds
26Dashel ScarboroughUSA-58 minutes, 51.57 secondsWell, this was ok considering I don't practice anymore...
27Carolyn ThompsonUSA-58 minutes, 42 seconds
28Ryan KuroyamaUSA-58 minutes, 17 secondsWrong scramble.
29George SaadeUSA-57 minutes, 46 secondsRubiks cube DeCal
30Andrew HuangUSA-57 minutes, 20 secondsSlowpoke

3x3 Blindfolded

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Daniel LoUSA-53 minutes, 7 secondsUgh, spent forever finding the last pair for parity.
2Lucas GarronGermanyDNF (-55 minutes, 56 seconds)Two edges flipped. :-(

2x2 Speedsolve

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Steven TurnerUSA-59 minutes, 53.24 secondsD:
2William AddingtonUSA-59 minutes, 40.59 seconds

3x3 One-Handed

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Daniel ChanUSA-59 minutes, 36.11 secondsDid this while videochatting with the great Lennon Grinta! Super fun, but I super failed.

3x3 multiBLD

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeResultComment
1Tim HabermaasGermany-4 minutes, 45 seconds14/16Before i started it felt like an awesome idea to try 16 cubes blindfolded for the Negative Time Solving Contest. But now it feels like the most idiotic thing i've ever done. Staying awake 2h longer then normally, just to solve those stupid cubes. Anyway, memorization took -25 minutes and my sixth cube was off by an edge 3-cycle and my eighth was off by a corner 3-cycle. I'm damn exhausted and tired now, but also pretty happy, that i'm actually capable of solving 16 cubes in an hour.
2Micael BouletCanada-9 minutes, 23 seconds9/10I memorize slowly (35:33) because I just wanted a perfect score and was drowsy. Actually, I memorized correctly and I am not sure what went wrong on one cube.
3Michael LimieroUSADNF (-30 minutes, 57 seconds)0/3First cube: didn't memo last corner Second cube: solved edges, but forgot corners. Third cube: couldn't remember first edge and ran out of time.

4x4 multiBLD

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeResultComment
1Mike HugheyUSA-1 minute, 48.85 seconds4/4Memorization time: -27:20. Very nice! My first 100% successful multi in negative time.
2Chris HardwickUSA-3 minutes, 18.90 seconds3/4I mis-memorized the second cube and shot to the same wing location twice, as well as made a piece substitution error during one cycle in the solve. This caused that cube to be off by 3 wings at the end. Memorization was -20:21 and solving took 17:02.

Computer Petaminx

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Michael GottliebUSA-7 minutes, 46.64 secondsYes, a Petaminx! I'm very happy to have gotten this in negative time, as I wasn't sure I'd make it. This beats the UWR by about 63.5 minutes.