Negative Time Solving Contest 2011

Accompanying thread.


R F L' D F' R B' D' F2 L B D2 F2 B U2 L2 F R' F' B R2 D L F U2

This is the ONLY main Negative Time Solving Scramble for 2011. Do not use this scramble before the real attempt.

The following are additional 3x3 algorithms to be used only for 3x3 multi-blind. Decide on the number of cubes, n, to be attempted beforehand, and take the first n-1 from this list in addition to the main scramble above.

  • U2 B2 L2 F' D U' B' R' D2 U B F' L D2 F2 D2 U' F' R B' F' D U2 L R2 U2 F D' U2 R'
  • U2 L U' L2 B' L' D2 F' L' D2 L' U F2 R U2 L F L F' D B2 F2 L D2 R B U2 L' R2 U2
  • U2 F U' F D' F' D F L2 B D' R B' F' U' L' R2 D2 U B2 L2 R' B F2 R B' R2 D' U' F
  • D2 L' R2 D R2 F U B' F U2 B2 R' F2 D' F' U F L' R F D2 U2 F D U2 B2 D' B D' F
  • R B U' L2 R' B' U L2 R U2 B' R2 U R' U R2 U' L U2 L R D F2 L' U2 B' R B F' R2
  • L D2 L B' L2 D2 B F L B2 U' B' D' L2 R' U2 R2 U2 L' D2 U2 L B L2 R B' U' B' L R
  • L' R D F2 L2 D' F2 R2 B2 R F' L' R U' B D B2 F U' F2 D2 U R' U2 B R D2 U' F U2
  • R2 D' R F R' U2 B2 D U L' R2 B F L D2 B2 D L2 B F2 U' B' F2 U B2 L' B2 R' U' F'
  • L' U' R' U F' D' U F' D' L' F2 R' D' U2 B2 D' B F L' B' D U L2 R' B' L R' U2 R' D'
  • B F2 R2 U' L2 R' D' L' B' F R2 F D' B' L' R' D' B L D' L2 R B2 F' U L' B2 L2 D' R
  • D B L2 B' F2 L R D' L2 R B' F' D2 L2 R F' L B' L2 D2 U' F' L' B2 F L R' D2 R2 F
  • L2 R2 B R2 F' D' U2 L R2 F R' B U F D F2 D2 F' L' B R2 D U2 R2 U B L D2 L' R'
  • D' U F' L2 R2 F U' L2 D U F2 R' U L' D' L' U R D2 F' R B' D R' B' D' F D2 U2 F
  • L2 F D' U' L2 R2 U2 B L R B' D' U2 R B' F D2 U' B' L2 R' B' F' L' F' R2 B D' U' L'
2x2 Scramble
  • F' D R' F' U B2 D2 B2 R
4x4 Scramble
  • B' U' Rw Fw L2 Rw2 B Fw' D' U2 F U' Uw' L2 R B' U' B' Uw U2 L' F D2 B2 Rw' Fw F2 D' B2 L Uw' Fw Rw D2 B' F2 Fw' Uw2 Fw' D'
5x5 Scrarmble
  • U2 Lw2 U2 Lw F Uw F2 R2 Fw' F2 D2 R Bw Dw' Bw' Rw' F R2 U L2 U L2 Lw2 Bw' Lw' Bw Fw2 R' F2 Uw' U' B Uw Rw D' F U2 Lw R Uw' D R' L' Fw' L Uw' D Dw' L2 F' R' Dw2 Fw2 F' D Bw' L Dw2 U Fw

You can scramble other puzzles on your own.


There were 29 participants representing 5 countries. Of these, 1 participated in Europe and the rest were from North America.

3x3 Speedsolve

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Anthony BrooksUSA-59 minutes, 51.08 seconds
2Vincent SheuUSA-59 minutes, 48.16 secondsHappy Birthday Lars!
3Felix LeeUSA-59 minutes, 46.35 seconds
4Jeremy FleischmanUSA-59 minutes, 46.28 secondsTrinidad Scorpion Butch T
4Joseph SkylerUSA-59 minutes, 46.28 secondsTrinidad Scorpion Butch T
6Evan LiuUSA-59 minutes, 45.85 seconds
7Sylvie TranUSA-59 minutes, 45.58 seconds
8JustinUSA-59 minutes, 45.37 secondsargh. Could have been around 47 rather than 45.
9Steven XuUSA-59 minutes, 45.29 seconds
10devin corr-robinettUSA-59 minutes, 45.12 secondsIt's cold, wet, and depressing today
11Anthony HsuUSA-59 minutes, 44.81 secondsDid an orange cross...and then couldn't find any pairs after it.
12Not Kevin YoungUSA-59 minutes, 44.77 secondsso bad T_T should've done square-1
13Jack CowartUSA-59 minutes, 43.76 secondsVery good solve for me! It had an OLL I learned an hour ago :) ~Jaycee
14Arthur AdamsUSA-59 minutes, 43 seconds
15Darren KwongUSA-59 minutes, 42.75 seconds
16Chia-Wei LuTaiwan-59 minutes, 40.87 seconds
17James YangUSA-59 minutes, 39.01 secondsYay PB! Weeeeeeeee that was fun :D
18Stewart StewartUSA-59 minutes, 38.87 secondsSubmitted my times before the contest even started 8D
19Greg Van GorpUSA-59 minutes, 38.63 secondsSo close to sub 20!
20Lars PetrusSweden-59 minutes, 32.41 seconds
21Daniel LoUSA-59 minutes, 29 seconds
22AlexUSA-59 minutes, 05 seconds
23Zach Van GorpUSA-59 minutes, 01.56 seconds
24Alexander IrpanUSA-58 minutes, 58 secondsYeah, I'm not very fast, but I was up anyways :P
25Milos NikolicMontenegro-58 minutes, 56 seconds

3x3 Blindfolded

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Shelley ChangUSA-58 minutes, 21.89 seconds
2Stefan PochmannGermany-56 minutes, 2.31 seconds
3Daniel LoUSADNF (-53 minutes)

4x4 Multi-BLD

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Chris HardwickUSA4/4 (-2 minutes, 55.08 secondsYay! I got 3/4 last year, so I was REALLY excited to open my eyes to 4 solved cubes this year! :)

Team Speed BLD

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
-Ravi Fernando and Lucas GarronUSA/Germany (done in USA)DNF (-58 minutes, 18.56 seconds)Off by a 3-cycle because we both thought Bruno cycled edges clockwise rather than counterclockwise. Memo was around 40 minutes.


PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Shari KuroyamaUSA-58 minutes, 24.12 secondsI actually recognized the orientation yay~~