World Inter-University Cube Relay 2013-2014

This year's event has concluded. See you next year!

Please use the accompanying Speedsolving thread or Facebook event page for questions.

The Contest

Universities have long been centers of competitive cubing, and many top cubers are university students. This naturally raises the question: Which university has the best cubing team in the world?

This unofficial contest is inspired by a relay event held at Tokyo University Open 2011: see the video. Following a proposal by the WCA delegate, Kei Suga, and a push by Tyson Mao, we are holding a worldwide inter-university cubing relay competition under a common set of rules. You are encouraged to include this as an unofficial event in official WCA competitions.

Register your team by 12/20/2013. Submit your result by 01/20/2014.

The Rules

By submitting your result, you indicate your compliance with the following rules. The video should clarify the hand-off rule.


  • Each team must compete under an institution of education. This can be at any level, from elementary school to university.
  • An institution may send multiple teams.
  • Each team must consist of 4 (different) cubers who will solve 4 cubes in a relay, one after another.
  • Each member must be a currently enrolled (undergraduate or graduate, not alumnus) student or faculty (post doc, instructor, professor, etc.) employed by the institution.
  • No participant may compete under multiple institutions or on multiple teams.
  • Alumni are still encouraged to form unofficial teams!

Relay Format

  • The format is best of 1. This one attempt must be videotaped and made available to the organizer, preferably on YouTube.
  • At any given time, only one cuber may turn at only one cube. Don't try anything tricky.
  • The team has 1 inspection period of 15 seconds, during which time all four cubers are allowed to inspect their cube.
  • The first cuber should start the timer by the end of the inspection period. The other cubers may not continue to touch the cube. (They can look at the cube since I don't see how I can stop this.)
  • After finishing their respective solve, the first three cubers must high-ten (or low-ten) the next cuber before the next cuber can start.
  • Don't be idiots! This is an unofficial contest.

The Scrambles

This is the only set of scrambles for the 2013-2014 school year. Cuber n must use scramble n.

Link to pdf