World Inter-University Cube Relay 2013-2014

34 teams from 21 institutions and 9 countries participated.

Year of graduation is given in parentheses. (nth grad for graduate student.) Unofficial teams are also listed, but without a rank.

River Hill High School Team A is the first high school team to win this competition!

Links: Speedsolving thread, Facebook event page, scrambles.

Final Results

RankUniversityLocationCuber 1Cuber 2Cuber 3Cuber 4Result (video link)Comment
1River Hill High School [Team A]Clarksville, MD, USA Andrew Huang (2015) Andrew Park (2018) Pavan Ravindra (2017) Tanzer Balimtas (2015) 44.69 See note by admin1
2University of Waterloo [Team A]Waterloo, ON, Canada Julian David (2019) Benjamin Wong (2019) Jonathan Tan (2015) Louis Cormier (2019) 45.52 Jon +2'd. Best time during practice was 40.09.
3National Yang-Ming UniversityTaipei, Taiwan Hung Lo (1st Grad) Meng-Chiao Chou (2020) Cheng-Chiao Yang (2020) Yi-Heng Lee (2019) 47.60 We also filmed another video after several practice, it was sub-40 haha.
4Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyTrondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway Daniel Gloppestad Bajer (?) Vegard Karstang (M, 201?) Henrik Anfinsen (?th grad) Hilmar Magnusson (M, 201?) 48.46
5CalBerkeley, CA, USA Ryan Lim (Super Senior) Ryan Jew (Freshman) Edward Liu (Senior) Chia-Wei Lu (Senior) 50.47 sigh
-(Unofficial entry) Kyoto University Team CKyoto, Japan Ryo Ito (2016) Taku Yanai (2016) Wataru Hashimura (2016) Tomoya Yamashita (?) 50.71 Unofficial entry2
-(Unofficial entry) UC Berkeley AlumniBerkeley, CA, USA Nick Young (2008) Dan Dzoan (2007) Jeremy Fleischman (2010) Steven Xu (2013) 50.80 Reconstruction: Impossible
6University of TsukubaIbaraki, Japan Kohjiro Nishi (2018) Taku Kaitani (2016) Tomohiro Tanno (2nd grad) Shuto Ueno (2016) 52.11 Our PB was 51seconds, so this time was very good!
7Zhejiang UniversityHangzhou, Zhejiang, China Lingjun Wu (2018) Yang Tang (2018) Zhen Tang (2015) Xiao Hu (2016) 53.53
8Kyoto UniversityKyoto, Japan Taku Yanai (2016) Koji Ito (2018) Suguru Imazeki (2018) Wataru Hashimura (2016) 58.96 Koji & Suguru began speedcubing in April this year. They are so great newcomer!
9University of TokyoTokyo, Japan Yumu Tabuchi (2016) Keita Nomura (2016) Kazuhiro Fukada (2017) Taihei Okamoto (2017) 1:00.22 Our team is the center of the front line in this video.
10University of California, Berkeley (Team B)Berkeley, CA, USA Erik Cheng (2018) Jianneng Li (2015 (MEng)) Benjamin Chu (2016) Ravi Fernando (1st grad) 1:03.51 The Canadian was again to blame.
11University of Michigan Team AMI, USA Yuxuan Chen (2018) Ben Zoller (2015) James Hildreth (2017) Kit Clement (2nd Grad) 1:03.62 Not our best effort (had a 57.xx in practice!) but at least we're improving on last year.
12Keio UniversityYokohama, Japan Taishi Matsumoto (2017) Kai Ito (2017) Hiroshi Kawabata (2017) Tomoyuki Hiraide (2016) 1:06.47
13University of Waterloo [Team D]Waterloo, ON, Canada Wilson Cheang (2017) Kevin Matthews (2016) Chen Zhang (2019) Michael Rose (2017) 1:08.19 Better than Team C.
14Tampere University of TechnologyTampere, Finland Ville Kilpeläinen (2017) Janne Lehtimäki (2017) Sakari Rautalin (2017) Juho Saarimaa (2017) 1:11.81 Tuu kahville!
15Waseda UniversityTokyo, Japan ? ? ? ? 1:12.53
16Meiji UniversityTokyo, Japan ? ? ? ? 1:18.47
17Kyoto University BKyoto, Japan Kosuke Watarai (2015) Minato Imai (2018) Naoko Ogino (2017) Ryo Ito (2016) 1:18.68 Kosuke began speedcubing June 2014
18River Hill High School [Team B]Clarksville, MD, USA Osbert Wei (2018) Maren Kamischke (2015) Jack Tu (2016) Kaitlyn Kim (2015) 1:22.47
19United States Naval AcademyAnnapolis, MD, USA Dominic Scott (2017) Dean Corbett (2016) Ian Leszczynski (2015) Steven Zakravsky (2017) 1:23.02 Thank you for giving us the opportunity to compete. Go Navy Beat Army!
20University of Waterloo [Team B]Waterloo, ON, Canada Joe Zeng (2016) Daniel Que (2015) Paul McVittie (2017) Michael Shao (2014) 1:27.72 Team B(est).
21University of Western AustraliaPerth, WA, Australia Matt Freind (2017) Nicholas Johnson (2015) Alex Theobald (2016) Edward Hollingdale (2017) 1:32.88 This was a pretty good time for us. Sub 90s next year hopefully!
22University of Virginia [Team A]Charlottesville, VA, USA Laurence Meyers (2015) Daniel Saha (2017) Justin Dao (2015) Sesi Cadmus (2017) 1:45.11
23University of California, BerkeleyBerkeley, CA, USA Yon Soo Park (2016) Tina Tu (2016) Snigdha Khare (2018) Qiongyu Zeng (Reta) (?) 1:57.34
24Ecole Marie Curie [Team MariCubik]Hem, France Christoph Woittequand (teacher) Samir Lakhdari (CM2) Djébril Kechout (CM2) Layna Djemaï (CM1) 2:27.68 We need practice... could be better
25Mira Mesa High School Team CSan Diego, CA, USA Jeric Baga (2018) Anirudh Perubotla (2018) Wesley Tran (2018) Kenzie Nguyen (2018) 2:58.66 We are the froshman team for MMHS Cubing Club.
26Mira Mesa High School Team DSan Diego, CA, USA Brandon Giang (2018) Crystal Huynh (2018) Melvin Ha (2016) Peter Huang (2016) 3:13.66
27Wangenheim Middle School [Team A]San Diego, CA, USA Darwin Do (2016) Adrian Macaraig (2016) Carl Pasco (2016) Joshua Pasco (2015) 3:27.61 Go Wangenheim Beat Challenger!
28University of Technology, MunichMunich, Bavaria, Germany Marcel Schumacher (2015) Frank Schmidt (2015) Fritz Löhr (2015) Timo Ludwig (2015) 3:34.38
29Burlingame High School [Team B]Burlingame, CA, USA Katie Sharp (2018) Kevin Hee (2017) Emad Haddad (2015) Ariana Chin (2018) 3:41.91 Yay, Burlingame High School's first complete attempt in history!
30Burlingame High School [Team A]Burlingame, CA, USA Peter Skidmore (2016) Ethan Hsieh (2015) Leon Cheung (2015) Riley Woo (2015) DNF (3:42.71) Riley tried to be
Cool, but only ended up
Looking like a fool
30University of Michigan Team BMI, USA Albert Morgese (2018) Kevin Tocco (2018) Erik Loyd (2017) Hiroshi Yamasaki (2nd Grad) DNF (1:54.xx) An unfortunate ending to a very good performance for this team -- would have been below a 1:55 without a timer reset. The future is bright for our club!
30University of Waterloo [Team C]Waterloo, ON Justin Jaffray (2017) Forte Shinko (2017) Adrian Cheung (2016) Sarah Strong (2015) DNF (1:03.xx) GG.

1 Looking at the regulations on the contest page, there's no explicit clause about using a StackMat or not touching the cube when stopping the timer. This is also a clean stop, so (even with Waterloo's +2) I feel River Hill shouldn't be penalized. For next year, I'll add a clause about StackMat and penalities as in the WCA regulations. Sorry for the oversight, and once again, congrats to River Hill!

2 I asked them if I could include this as an unofficial team (some members have already competed on Teams A and B). I'm guessing this is their best team, and that they couldn't get all members for UT Open.

No-Shows =(

UniversityLocationCuber 1Cuber 2Cuber 3Cuber 4
Universiti Putra MalaysiaSerdang, Selangor, Malaysia Faiz Haziq (2018) Abdu Qayyuum (2019) Syakir Amin (2018) Muhammad Syahmi (2019)
Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter SchoolHanover, MD, USA Rafee Mirza (2021) Daniel Prieto (2019) Christian Hardy (2019) Ishmam Mirza (2015)
Philip PocockMississauga, ON, Canada Pawel Migdal (11th Grade) Kasper Swaider (11th Grade) Jean Roy Napenas (11th Grade) Ray Vince Ong (11th Grade)
École secondaire De La Salle (Team A)Ottawa, ON, Canada Frédéric Amdur (2017) Nicolas Bisaillon (2018) Darcy Maloney (2020) Sasha Hayashi (2017)
École secondaire De La Salle (Team B)Ottawa, ON, Canada Félix Nicol (2017) Yann McHaffie (2020) Emma Hayashi (2020) Noah Staudte (2020)
River Hill High School [Team C]Clarksville, MD, USA John Newhagen (2017) Richard Xu (2017) Chris Kim (2018) Nathan Ellis (2018)
University of Virginia [Team B]Charlottesville, VA, USA Lexi Schubert (2017) Katie Carpenter (2016) Mark Donehoo (2017) Korbin Leclair (2017)
University of Central FloridaOrlando, FL, USA Sam Goodwin (2017) David Wilson (2017) Alex Nhan (2018) Calvin Yong (2017)
United States Naval Academy (Team B) Annapolis, MD, USA Eric Polk (2018) Nolan Brandon (2018) JD Barnett (2018) Andrew Coen (2017)
Wangenheim Middle School [Team B]San Diego, CA, USA Yogi Raja (2016) Christine Spaven< (2016) Isabella Simpson (2016) Janic Buenafe (2016)
Northeastern UniversityBoston, MA, USA Tim Wong (2017) Edward Lin (2019) Scott Haller (2015) Lucas Haber (2015)